The Start of Japan ~I found it in Nara. You do not know Japan ~

Name:   The Start of Japan
 ~I found it in Nara.You do not know Japan~

Host:  Nara television VIETNAM
Collaborative work

Period:  1/4/2018~29/4/2018

Venue:   Nara television

Summary:  33 minutes program  5 times
part1 the birthplace of somen MIWA
part 2 Meet the culture of ice NARA
part3 Nara is a city of exchange
part4 Nara's traditional crafts
part5 YOSHINO World heritage road
Nara TV broadcasting is responsible for planning and producing
Vietnamese television is in charge of directing, editing and casting
The program was broadcast nationwide in Vietnam from January 2018. Re-editing and broadcasting for Japan such as adding Japanese subtitles
It is used in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of Nara TV broadcasting opening. Characters appear at the beginning of the program
As a relation, I would like to use the program guide and announcements on TV, newspaper, magazines etc